my list

Going from friend to friend, talking about specific problems in your life…depending on which friend is best suited to help/understand/respond appropriately…. might also be called “using people.”

I am not saying you shouldn’t consider well who you share with, but do you have one or two friends you can share absolutely everything with?  Are you that kind of friend?

Beth’s friendship guidelines:

Listen without judgement or agenda.

with compassion.

without fear.

with hope.

without fixing.

with confidence.

without needing to be right or ‘heard’.

Be this kind of friend and chances are you will find this kind of friend.

What would YOU add to this list?

A special nod to my very dear friends who stand with me with their whole hearts, even when i am lost, floundering, insecure…and when I am powerful, confident and running like mad.  I love you.


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