Fake it till you make it?

Don400-px-wide-fb-timeline--photo-dont-fake-it‘t do it.  To fake it is to attempt to live a lie, to be something you don’t believe you ARE. I think it’s bad for your heart.  I’m not talking cardiovascular health or clogged arteries.  I am talking about that innermost part of you that needs to believe in itself, in others and in greatness.

My solution:  Move forward understanding your limitations and trusting that you will learn what you need along the way. That what (perhaps little) you have IS enough for today. It’s appropriate confidence. Not magical thinking, not tricking yourself or others into ‘believing’ you already know it all.  Not subjecting the softest (and perhaps thereby the strongest) parts of you to your belief that you actually AREN’T enough. No more faking.  Let’s just be as good as we are, and keep getting better.


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