…got friends?

Hey!  I’m a grown up!  And, through extensive research , i have found that most of us felt like outsiders growing up…always thinking someone else had better or “real” friends.   huh.  And I thought it was just me.  Geeesh.

Now that I’m over that… I have been looking at friends and friendships.. the relationship I have with people I call friends.

The people that mean something somehow more special to me than the other people I simply enjoy when they happen to be around.

My take on friends?  Let’s just do a top 10 list.

  1. cigarThey don’t feel the need to correct or protect me.
  2. They run with me into the unexpected.
  3. …or they don’t, but they are still there when I come back!
  4. They don’t feel the need to decide if what I am doing is “right” or “wrong”.
  5. They are curious and passionate, with a dimmer switch.  They don’t need ME to learn and live a robust life, but are happy to do that WITH me.
  6. They are vulnerable.  They let me in without fear of judgement.  They WANT to be known… and to know.
  7. Friends bring hope.  Not through encouragement, but through their existence. It’s ethereal.
  8. They call bullshit without the need to take it to a fight.
  9. They understand where the lines are, because they have set them internally.  They are inherent in their being. (We call this  boundaries) AND they can handle my squiggly lines 😉
  10. Their circles are ever expanding.  With or without me.

I didn’t take too much time thinking through this list, certainly 10 thoughts aren’t going to describe what I find important in a friend, or what friendships can look like.  And it’s order is arbitrary.

What I know for sure (today) is that a friend fills your soul and is fed by yours. In big and small ways.  I also know that I am grateful beyond measure for mine.


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