Badass Branding

Lady Gaga.

gaga sound of music

(Listen to her Sound of Music Medley)

I probably could stop there. But for those of you who aren’t quite sure what I am talking about…

gag set

Now tell me, when she first started her singing career, were YOU a fan? (I have lots of friends who will answer ‘OF COURSE!’ and many who will say, ‘uh. no.’)

Did you ever think SHE would be asked to sing the “Sound of Music Medley” at this year’s Oscars?  Did you ever think she would look so “normal” or “princessy”?

Me neither.

Here’s my take.  Lady Gaga’s branding is an outlet for self-expression. Her branding allows her audience to relate and be heard.  Her branding gets her AMAZING voice attention. Her branding helps us look past stuff we may not understand, to be able to listen – either without the prejudice of our eyes or enhanced by our vision.

NOW….what if she had tried to be “the next Julie Andrews” or just another girl with a really great voice? Trust me, there are LOTS of girls with really great voices.  Why do you think it’s so hard to make a living in the music industry? …or any industry, for that matter.

There are LOTS of people with talent and skill; what YOU bring to the table is the differentiator.  You better bring it.


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