Lighting matches

Some bridges just need to be burned. Most don’t.

It can take a while to figure out how to follow your heart, or as some call it, following your gut. One thing I’ve learned in my quest to stay true to myself, is to not make rash decisions, especially about relationships. And trust me, it’s all about relationships.

I admit, there are some people who are just bad news. We’d like to not only burn their bridges but also their homes. I don’t recommend or condone the latter.

But often, trying to stay true to myself, in the heat of the moment… I just want to burn that bridge. You, too?  Don’t light a match just yet. Just because your insides are telling you “this is wrong, so very wrong!” Doesn’t mean that the entire relationship is not valuable. In all honesty, it might not be valuable. You might need to burn that bridge. But advantage is yours if you, as the saying goes, “let cooler heads prevail.”

Take as much time as you can in your decision-making. Try to think 360° around the situation. Try to imagine what it would feel like if you were the other person. And try to think about the long-term… Because, we all plan on being around long-term. And whatever you decide, get ready to apologize – to yourself for not burning that bridge or the other person for burning it too quickly.

Happy living.


One thought on “Lighting matches

  1. Thought by the title that this was going to be a fart post! 😉

    You are so right that it’s all about relationship. It may be they it’s a bad one, but seeing it from more than my own side might give it a chance to be preserved.


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