Whole30…ish: hashtags and healthy eating

TL;DR version:

  • Hashtags: The good, the irritating.
  • I’m only into details that relate to me…that I understand.
  • I like to make my own rules.
  • It’s ok that you are a rule follower, but…
  • You can make your own rules, too!
  • It’s really a rant you are about to read.

It all started with Hashtags: # online you can use hashtags to sort, find and group posts from ALL OVER the world. …click on a hashtag and you will see a whole BUNCH of posts relating to the same thing. The first time I heard about hashtags was from a snooty marketing professional that scoffed at the fact that SHE was telling me about them.  If this is your first time hearing about this, it’s ok.  Welcome.

If you USE hashtags you may have had the pleasure of all SORTS of people commenting on your post with a sense of “I know about this topic and I have something to share.”  Both enlightening and annoying.

What does all this have to do about whole30? I’ll tell you.

“You can’t out train a crap diet.” I have heard this from power-lifters, bodybuilders and trainers. I’m not a very healthy eater.  I workout a lot, so I kinda away with it….kinda. Two things about this (getting away with it) bother me.  First; accountability.  I really don’t like saying one thing to my clients, but doing another. Second; belly fat.  Adipose fat is the most dangerous type of fat (as opposed to fat thighs, etc..) – it can surround organs and cause damage. It takes me a while to make a change – maybe you, too? So, I started gearing up and looking for a path to take me to a positive dietary change.

I’ve got fitness friends posting about www.whole30.com, how much they love it, you know…  The website tells you what kinds of food to eat, what not to eat and why. In a nutshell (nuts are healthy) I am going to avoid sugars, alcohol, grains and legumes. These foods are thought to encourage inflammation. I downloaded the shopping list, went to the store and jumped in!

5 days in, I felt amazing!  It’s not too hard.  I just go to the fridge, grab an assortment of protein, carbs (veggies) and healthy fats (like avocado) chop things up and eat!  We grill meats on the weekend so we’re set all week!  Genius! Here’s the deal… my life is complicated.  It’s filled with lots of things I love, but seemingly little things can overwhelm me.  Like shopping, food prep and doing things exactly right. So, I try to summarize and simplify.

2 weeks in, I took a couple days “off”.  It’s not really important why, but this is important – it felt horrible.  I mean, while I was stuffing my face with goodies it felt GREAT! But I woke up the next day swollen and achy. My joints hurt, my ankles were huge, my low back (L5 area) felt just awful and for the first time in a long time, my KNEES were killing me! That seemed like proof I was onto something and made it easy to get back on track.

Enter social media and hashtags. I like to share the things that help me live a positive, healthy life – and so I do.  I don’t much mind if you don’t care.  You can unfollow me, it’s ok.  I don’t get too easily offended. I kinda thought I was hot stuff, so I busted out the #whole30.  Yes.  I did!  A smart social media professional will also include an image.  People resonate with images.  Lots of times they don’t even need to READ.  They see, they like, they click. People coming together, fun times.

Enter rule followers. (This is not a derogatory term) You see, the hashtag draws attention.  This is good. But rule followers, things are gonna bother them.  Especially my kind of things, like skimming, getting the jist of things and making exceptions ’cause it’s convenient to my current situation. Understand, I completely realize the value of purism.  Fully embracing the ethos of a thing, the essence of it, not to mention reaping the rewards of said program. If you rewrite the rules without understanding why, you may miss the benefits.  I get it. However, it is my diet, my body, my life, my needs.  So, sometimes I bend the rules.  Like peas.


Mango, egg, boiled chicken and PEAS. oh. no.

PEAS happen to be a legume.  They are not approved #whole30. I know because I was told – more than once.  It’s ok.  I like to learn and I don’t mind being corrected. But here’s what I know.

1. My food journey is about retraining my body and my brain to think less about sauces and sweeteners and starches (my weaknesses). Whole30 is the tool.

2. Sometimes you are out of vegetables.  Enter frozen peas.  I will not die from reheated frozen peas – approved or not.

3. There IS no whole30 police force. So it stands to reason, you are not a member of said police force. (winky face)

4. It’s super easy to comment on a post, without reading comments.

5. Social media is about the conversation. Comments are part of the conversation.

6. If you really don’t have time to read comments or you just want to risk entering the conversation without first seeing that your comment is not the first of it’s kind, that’s ok by me.  (I have been known to take that risk!)

7. If you don’t like being corrected in public, don’t share (brag) about stuff on social media!

8. You can make your own rules, or exceptions to the rules when you need.  Know the risks. Be ready for zealous purists, ready to set you straight. You can smile and nod, block them, unfollow them or let them know what you are doing and why. I suppose there are more options…

And 9. (It seems like I know a lot!  Number 9 already!) nope. That was it.

PS. I am STILL loving my whole30-ish eating habits!  It’s so nice to have go-to snacks instead of binging on ritz crackers and port wine cheese spread. Fresh meals, often, have re-excited me about eating and meal prep. Food tastes good, again.  Condiments used to be how I tasted food, now it’s the actual taste of the food itself and how it compliments the other foods around it. Yum! Just eat well, give yourself permission to make ‘mistakes’ and find what works for you…or make the best thing in front of you work for you.


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