check yourself before you wreck yourself … and all those you come in contact with

Define yourself.

You are you. Not your job. Not your boss. Not what other people want you to be or think you should be. RISE ABOVE the muddy messy mire. Pull yourself up and out. Live in such a way so as to define who you are. So that others around you have no doubt of what you are about.

If that is money. Using people as possessions so you can be secure in your income and sense of worth. Do it. Be that. Oh, you already are… without even thinking about it. And it’s apparent to those around you who aren’t afraid to think. Who aren’t afraid to recognize the lack of health oozing around you.

But… let’s just say, you don’t want to be that. Let’s say you kind of fell into that. Maybe you forgot to think. Maybe you were taught something that doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe you didn’t learn to trust your own brand of awesome, so you have resorted to bullying, judging and manipulating those dependent on you for their income or worse yet, THEIR sense of worth.

You can change that. Imagine the world opened WIDE. Where resources are plentiful, people are not collateral, but instead prized jewels that we get to watch sparkle for small amounts of time. What if you polished those jewels? Sent them out into the universe shinier and better? What if you didn’t try to hold on so tight? Can you even imagine it?

I have experienced so much small mindedness from so many unhappy people trying to keep others around them ‘just happy enough to stay’ and ‘just scared enough to never leave’.

My hope for you? Step out. Live in your inherent awesomeness. Define your principles. Define how you want to live your life. What you want to be known for. Remembered for. Do THOSE things.

The rest? FTS, my friends. We don’t have enough time to be petty, small-minded owners of people… not if we also want to be happy.


One thought on “check yourself before you wreck yourself … and all those you come in contact with

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I know of a couple of different situations like this. Wow. Sad that it is prevalent, but the good thing is it’s not inevitable nor permanent!!


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